WaldoMania Running Wild!!!  is now available on Amazon.

I thought it was a really clever premise and I liked the characters. I think that many middle school students will identify with Mac. I ordered a few copies because I plan to give them to some friends' children. And then I may order more! - Rena H.


I am the parent of a 10 year old boy who LOVED Mighty Mac. He has been not so patiently waiting for the sequel to come out. As we drove down the driveway last week and he saw the Amazon package at the front door, he got out of the car before I was in the garage to tear it open. Seriously?!? He read it cover to cover in 2 days and was thrilled with the story line. He is an avid reader who enjoys adventure books such as the Alex Rider series, the Harry Potter series and the Rick Riordan series and he is loving the Marc Waldman series. He can't wait for third book! Highly recommend! - Deena F.



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